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I Hereby Substitute My Right *&* Authorization Form Towards Company [Imperial]* [Resolution] to Reform the Submission Offered to the Plans and Regulations That Are Required and Submitted by the Statue of Law & Regulations That Imply Participation Toward Forward of the Privacy Act and Informative Requirements at the Submission of All here-by Information that will be Suppied by the Company  [Imperial Resolution] Due to the reforms on  Act 14 [ Requested by Law and Substitution on  the [Read Only Tasks] by Terms and Conditions regarding the Informative Satutes of Limitation Required by Law and Formulatied to Inquire the Request and here-by Regulation[s] of [Imperial Resolution]toward Application[s] Submission and Member Policy.


 I hereby submit toward the forwarding  of company[Imperial Resolution] and thy requirements with the proper satute and performance toward the Company Policy and Regards to the Plans*&* Actions regarding the Terms and Conditions that Comply to the Procedure required by the Company [Imerpial Resolution] to the Stature of the Information Submited and the Authorization Applied by the Compliance of the Regulations and Information of the Statues Request by Law in Forming a Company towards the Isolation[s] Reforming the Procedure and the Statue of Limitations that Regard all forwarding Business Procedure[s] that Process Success of Ownership *&* Copyright Law to the Legal Action *&* Reform[s] that is Required by Law in the Status Regulation[s] by the Unitd States of America in Processing and Compliance to the Accoredance of the Law of the Business *&* Legal action of the Formulating and Merchandizing of the Products*&*Investing in Business Supplied by [Imperial Resolution] accordance towards the Pontential and Procedure Submited By the Law Of the United States of America, and hereby thy information Placed By Legal Reforms that Must be Submitted by the Company Policy and Regulations to Pre-Destine the Foundation*&*Ownership of thy Company [Imperial Resolution].


 i hereby also Supply and Submit to the Member Policy of Imperial Resolution and Compliance to the Accordances that Requires the Read-Only Submission Application With Electronic Suplications of the Information that Required by the Law of Business and Satute of Limtiation that Supplies thy Entitlement toward Appling the Supplication and Restition of the Board of Directors.


I hereby Reading this Formulation of the Terms *&* Conditions that is Required of Thy [Imperial Resolution]. Have Read and Supplied All Informative Supplication to the Submission of the Regulations that are Compliancent towards the Supplication of the Electrontic Restition and thy Here-by Supply That Satute Towards the Honest**&**Truthful Requests are towards the Submission that is Required of Me.

Terms & Conditions

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